Book and Magazine Donations

Please bring donations to the library during business hours. Books that are left in the parking lot when the library is closed may disappear before we get a chance to see them!

Donated books may be used to replenish the collection of the Hawai’i Kai Public Library or other libraries in the state system. Books that are not put into circulation are sold at the Hawaiʻi Kai Community Bookstore or donated to other worthwhile organizations, including Friends of the Hawai’i State Library.

For sale in our bookstore we would love the following items

  • Books in good-to-new condition
  • Vintage books in sellable condition
  • DVDs, CDs, and vinyl records
  • Sheet music, maps, and greeting cards
  • Puzzles and games

We pass along to shelters and other worthy organization

  • Books with writing or underlining
  • Slightly damaged books
  • Slightly “foxed” books (books with spots caused by oxidation of metal in the paper)
  • Partially (slightly) used workbooks and coloring books

We cannot accept

  • Books that are badly foxed, damaged, or dirty
  • Computer books, Textbooks, and most reference books older than five years
  • Encyclopedias

Magazines that are donated are available to library patrons free of charge. For magazine swap bins, we welcome

  • Weekly magazines up to three months old
  • Monthly magazines up to six months old

We also accept the following popular magazines regardless of their date:

  • National Geographic
  • Oprah
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Food and Wine
  • Real Simple
  • Martha Stewart
  • Holiday issues of magazines
  • Other magazines with timeless appeal
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